T6 AdBlue errors

T6 AdBlue errors

Ad blue alertI’ve read a few pages and Facebook posts where people have had an issue with the AdBlue they are putting in their tanks not registering. From what I have read most people believe this ‘glitch’ to be a software problem that can be fixed by Volkswagen. The info below is from the research I carried out.

What you should know about the error

You can overfill your AdBlue tank that can cause problems.

If you overfill the AdBlue it goes into the tank’s filler neck. Whilst driving the engine requests AdBlue which is delivered as it should be but after a while of AdBlue usage the sensor doesn’t recognise a drop in fluid level (as it can’t sense what is in the filler neck) and this leads to an error message.

The van knows AdBlue is being used but the level isn’t going down according to the sensor so it freaks out because there is no change in the level in the tank.

How to stop the problem

The top-up bottles supplied by Volkswagen have a capacity of 1.89 litres, and come complete with the adapter nozzles that fit the Volkswagen AdBlue tank. These are available from all Volkswagen Authorised repairers.

These nozzles help to stop you overfilling but as with everything from Volkswagen they are expensive 🙂 I recommend buying one of these and using it to fill your tank then refill the bottle from your bigger, cheaper non Volkswagen bottle.

One thing to note is that AdBlue doesn’t store well once you have opened the bottle and exposed it to the air. It’s best to buy just under what you need so that there is no waste.

Filling your AdBlue tank

AdBlue capI’ve carried out the instructions below and so far, fingers crossed, not had any problems.

Using your Volkswagen bottle with adapter nozzle follow the instructions below.

    1. Makes sure your engine is off and key out of the ignition
    2. Put in AdBlue
    3. Turn on your ignition, don’t start it.
    4. Leave it until it registers.

More AdBlue information

The liquid is 32.5% urea and 67.5 deionized water.

AdBlue is not toxic and is odorless but it can corrode some metals and it must be stored and transported with care.

If you get any AdBlue on your skin, rinse thoroughly.

You should never use urine either, despite its concentration of urea.

Without AdBlue, most modern diesel-engined vehicles will refuse to start. As an operator of a diesel-engine vehicle, you must monitor the AdBlue level and refill it if necessary.

So that’s it, if you use this guide or have any questions or comments please contact me and let me know.

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  1. My volkswagen transporter was showing 3500 range vut after a week of driving about it is now showing 4000 range

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